Inglewood Forest residents are reminded to pay attention to children and pedestrians while driving. The speed limit in Inglewood Forest is 25 MPH. Please adhere to posted speed limits and remember; a child may be just around the corner.

Neighborhood Watch

Inglewood Forest now has an official Neighborhood Watch program registered with the city of Lake Stevens. All residents are encouraged to keep watch for any suspicious activities. If you see any suspicious activity or if you are witness to a crime please contact authorities immediately by dialing 911. Be sure to include exact address of the location or make, model, and license plate number of a suspicious vehicle. If you have an incident or concern to post here on the Neighborhood Watch forum for Inglewood Forest residents to view, please submit it to to the Board of Directors at All residents of Inglewood Forest are encouraged to join the neighborhood watch committee and to attend the monthly board meetings (as detailed on the calendar). Let us all work together to keep Inglewood Forest a safe and enjoyable place to live!

Neighborhood Watch update!

Inglewood Forest is in the process of expanding its Neighborhood Watch program in order to create a safer, crime free community for all residents. An essential tool in combating crime in our neighborhood is community awareness, communication between neighbors and a willingness to participate in crime prevention. To do this, Inglewood Forest is expanding its Neighborhood Watch committee. Residents of Inglewood Forest are encouraged to attend Neighborhood Watch meetings and communicate suspicious activities and crimes with the police, HOA, and neighbors. To aid in the communication process, Inglewood Forest has been broken into 19 zones. These zones will elect a representative who can help communicate issues to other zone representatives and the HOA at Board and Neighborhood Watch meetings. Community participation is critical to a good Neighborhood Watch program and we encourage all residents to participate. Posted below is a zone map that identifies which houses will participate in each zone. Again, your participation is critical to making Inglewood Forest a safer place for you and your family. We welcome your comments and suggestions as we work together to build safer community. Contact us at:

To download a copy of this map, click here.

A note from Inglewood Forest's Neighborhood Watch Captain:

There has been an increase in crimes of opportunity in our neighborhood and there are a few things we can all do to protect ourselves.
1. Park your cars in the garage
2. Close and lock your windows and close the blinds
3. Lock all of your doors to your vehicles and your home

If you see a crime being committed or suspicious activity call 911 immediately.
If you see something that does not look right, chances are that it is not- call 911.

You can call 911 for things such as suspicious activity, strange vehicles in the area, to report parking violations with vehicles and boats. 911 calls can be anonymous and it is ok to call 911 if it is not an emergency, just specify right away that it is a non-emergency call.

If you have a non-emergency concern or question for the police department, call the Lake Stevens Police Department non emergency
line: 425-334-9537
Or Tip Line: 425-377-3214

Calling 911 helps to create a history about a vehicle, home, or person. In the case of a suspicious vehicle, be prepared to report a license plate number with make and model number. For a suspicious activity at a residence, have the address ready. In the case of a suspicious person, be prepared to report a description of the person including clothing colors.

Do not contact the Homeowner's Association regarding any concerns or emergencies, call 911. The HOA does not have the ability to help with these problems; it is up to law enforcement.

Additional information for you:

The residences of Registered Sex Offenders are public information online. If you would like to obtain this information you can locate it at the Snohomish County Sheriff's page at: and click on "Search for Offenders in Your Area".

If you have a complaint for animal control, contact the Lake Stevens Police Support Officer & Animal Control Officer, Cindy Brooks.
Phone: (425) 334-9537

If you see a child being abused or neglected please call
1-866 END HARM (1-866-363-4276). Also visit the website:

More contact information can be found at the City of Lake Stevens website:

If you or someone you know would like to join Neighborhood Watch, email to be added to the contact list. The larger our organization is, the more effective we can be.

Let's all work together to help keep Inglewood Forest a safe and pleasant place to live!