Inglewood Forest Homeowners Association

The Inglewood Forest Homeowners Association IFHOA was established by the builder in 1994. This IFHOA ensures that the homes and surrounding areas are maintained to keep the quality of life and the safety of the community to an acceptable standard. The rules and regulations the IFHOA enforces are documented in the CC&R's. The IFHOA is made up of volunteers from neighborhood homeowners and is open to anyone willing to participate.

The positions on the IFHOA board are; president, vice president, director, secretary, treasurer and architectural control. The president, vice president and director work together for three years, moving up each year. A position on the architectural control committee is also a three year appointment. The positions of secretary and treasurer can be changed each year depending on how many volunteers we have. The positions are open for application each year at the annual meeting in October.

The president generally runs the monthly meetings and is a contact for the board and the book keeper. This is a third year position. The vice president attends meetings and is available as back up if the president is unable to participate. This is a second year position. The director attends meetings and is available as back up if the president or vice president are unable to participate. This is a first year position.

The secretary attends meetings and takes notes of all proceedings. The secretary is responsible for maintaining the records and creating newsletters for the homeowners. This position could be filled by more than one person.

The treasurer oversees the books and verifies the accounting procedures. A monthly budget is presented at the meetings. This position could be filled by more than one person.

The architectural control committee is a group of people responsible for overseeing the rules and regulations regarding home colors and yard maintenance, etc. The job could include approving color selection of homes or requesting removal of old vehicles, unsightly yard notices, anything pertaining to the CC&R guidelines. This position could be filled by more than one person.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets monthly in an open forum to discuss issues and events concerning Inglewood Forest residents. Inglewood Forest homeowners are encouraged to attend the monthly meeting to bring up any comments or concerns related to our neighborhood. Find our next meeting posted on the calendar page.

CC&Rs and other Docs

All Inglewood Forest homeowners and residents are required to adhere to the rules and regulations set forth in the CC&Rs and Inglewood Forest Bylaws. Homeowners are encouraged to download and review the CC&Rs and Bylaws to ensure compliance with all neighborhood regulations.

Inglewood Forest Bylaws
Inglewood Forest CC&Rs
ACC approval request form
Inglewood Forest development MAP
Animal Resources


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