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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Inglewood Forest organized/managed?
Inglewood Forest is managed with a group of volunteers known as the Homeowners Association. The Association is made up of all volunteer homeowners. The job of the Association is to enforce the neighborhood CC&R's and to appropiately dispurse monies from dues collected.

Does the association have an annual fee?
The IF HOA collects an annual fee from each residence. The money collected goes toward landscaping, taxes, insurance, bookkeeping, and various projects as needed to maintain the community.

Does the association have meetings?
The IF HOA meets each month to discuss concerns, complaints or compliments.

Does the association have a set of rules and regulations?
The IF HOA follows the rules and regulations set forth by the builder. These are called the CC&R's and are available to download from this site.

How does the association enforce the rules and regulations?
When a complaint is filed the concern is acted upon as soon as possible. A visit to the home is done first. If the problem cannot be resolved through the visit a letter is sent with intent to fine if the matter is not resolved within a set time. If this is unable to correct the concern further steps are taken, eventually leading to legal action if needed.

I believe a violation of the rules and regulations is taking place, what do I do?
As a homeowner if you see a violation it is simplest to mention to your neighbor that the matter is against our CC&R's and ask them to correct it. If this does not resolve the matter or if you are uncomfortable with that approach you should call or e-mail the board and state the address of the home and the violation you are concerned about. If it is something the board can correct they will follow up with the proper steps to resolve the issue.

I am interested in repainting or making modifications to my property, what are the procedures?
The Architectural Control Committee has a form, downloadable, you would need to fill out. They also have books available with color choices from our local paint suppliers. Their job is to approve work that falls within the CC&R guidelines. Applications to the ACC need to be actual paint or roofing samples, and need to be mailed or dropped off.

How can I advertise to Inglewood Forest residents?
This site has a place to send classifieds to sell, trade or barter. This is a great way to reach your neighbors and recycle things you no longer use. We also host an annual garage sale in July.